from Jesus, with Love

The only book of its kind!!!
Read Jesus' personal Message to you!

Jim Kenney's intuitive interpretation of the Gospel from the perspective of Jesus as a fellow, suffering human reminds me that no matter what our life experience, Jesus knows what it's like.
“from Jesus, with Love” - a message for everyone, - showing how Jesus identifies with each of us and feels for us in every situation
“from Jesus, with Love” trumpets the central truth about your life. You are beloved of God.

- a gripping account, in first person style, of Jesus' experiences as a human. Thoroughly thought-provoking emotive and devotional piece. Makes fascinating reading.

- this book takes us right into the earthly life of Jesus himself, and shows how He understands us completely and shares with us in  what we go through in our own lives.

- if you, like me, battle to believe the staggering truth that the Creator of the Universe actually understands my struggles and doubts, and cares for me in my petty existence, then 'from Jesus with Love' may touch you as it has touched me.

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