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This little book took me into the boyhood of Jesus & led though His life to His great sacrifice for the sin of the world (my sin!). It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. May God open the hearts and eyes of other readers to the reality of Jesus, and may thay be blessed as I was.
Nancy Thomas
Jim's understanding of Jesus' childhood startled me into thinking about Jesus in a way that I had never before imagined. The book captured my attention so that I could not put it down.
I think many people will be surprised to discover this very simple but easy-to-understand view of Jesus' life and work.
Valerie Mason
This message which came into Jim's heart touched not only Jim deeply - but it touched me too - a new window into the compassionate understanding and courageous caring Jesus had for me.
Useful for those beginning to search for faith & belief in our Lord.
Florence McLaughlin
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.
I felt it was inspired
Heather Gardiner
It's not my approach to the Christian message, and I trust you will respect my right to see it a different way.
This book is good for the youth to read & understand
School Chaplain, Rockhampton
Congratulations on a great, easy to understand book
Hans & Lynne Krause, Rockhampton
From Jesus with Love is an absolute treasure as it ministers so much to people. The simple sketches also add much to the manuscript

I found myself moved to tears .. It was a whole new perspective to me…I knew that he died for my sin … but I had not grasped just how …and what it meant for Him.

Book Review - by Geof Galbraith, Combined Churches Committee, Beechworth.

"Jesus Christ!" we exclaim as a hammer glances off our thumb or we stumble on a step. But from schoolchild to prison inmate, from educated professional to dump truck driver, - almost everyone I have ever met has had an admiration for this person Jesus. An admiration, but no idea that Jesus is someone offering them a friendship wonderful beyond their wildest dreams.

"from JESUS, with LOVE" written by Jim Kenney, shows us a Jesus who understands and cares. Based on a careful reading of the gospels this book is an imaginary series of letters from Jesus to you, the reader. But is it imaginary? To Jim, as he explains in the introduction, these letters came to him as a message to the heart.

What is different about these devotions on the earthly life of Jesus is that they are written in the first person, much as Paul's letters to the early churches were. So the first letter begins, "My Mum … was already pregnant with me when Dad married her." We experience the trauma of a young child tormented by his peers and beginning to doubt his legitimacy but then discovering the marvel of his true parenthood. We hear of the burden of bringing up a family as head of the house, of the long wait in obscurity and the power of temptation.

Each letter is a devotion in itself, but taken together they reveal to us a Jesus who, for all that he is God in the flesh, yet is one who struggled through our common trials. "from JESUS, with LOVE" teaches me, in a deeper way than I have ever grasped before, that my Lord is some one who truly understands. As each letter ends Jesus speaks directly to our heart in an affirmation of understanding which sums up what we have learnt from the particular devotion.

"Believe me! I know what it is like to feel on your own against the world, when you are totally misunderstood and rejected, when all you want is acceptance - when you believe that you are right but everyone else puts you down, when your close friend stabs you in the back.

When you experience that, I remember, and I know just how you feel. I do understand and I really, really care! I'll never forget about you, I'll always feel you hurting because I love you so very much! I am, your Lord."

Letter No.8. "from JESUS, with LOVE" By Jim Kenney. 2005.

The direct style of the text speaks not only to disciples of many years but will also, I believe, touch the teenager and the beginner disciple. These ten short devotions are presented in a soft cover format with simple line illustrations. "from JESUS, with LOVE" is available from the author at PO BOX 130 BEECHWORTH Vic. 3747.

Read 'from JESUS, with LOVE'
-as a story,
-for comfort,
-for daily devotions



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