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Dear Reader

          By the time I left Primary school I hated God. I had come to see Him as an arrogant all-powerful being who would not tolerate any human who did not love and worship Him. I felt that He had created us with two choices, - either to feed His ego by adoring Him to all eternity, or to suffer everlasting torture. And He had the cheek to say that this was His generous gift of "free will".

          For forty years I struggled with this, - sometimes thinking I'd prefer His idea of "reward" rather than face eternal torture, but at other times not so sure. I tried to be a good Christian, to stay onside with this God that I so thoroughly disliked, but it was always a battle, in which His way was usually the loser.

          Then one day a message came into my heart. It touched me deeply, and ultimately had a profound effect on my life and my attitude to my Lord.


Here is that message….



          From Jesus with love

Dear Jim,

          You know a lot of what happened to me, but I want you and all my friends to understand how I really felt about it all. I want this to help you to know me and to understand my feelings - both how I felt about my own experiences and how I feel towards you personally. Because I do care about you - very much.

          To really understand me you need to know something of my background, - parents and family, childhood and adolescence, successes and failures.

          So let's go back to the beginning .....


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There is no hatred or bitterness in Jesus

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